Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A person will stop loving the other one when they have no communication anymore. Love no more and friends no more. It best suits me. Agree? I bet too.

Smth that ended up with a very unhappy outcome will made me dwell over it for long. But I know brooding over the past isn't gonna be the best way for me to carry on. So I have decided to stop thinking. I wish you best. I am thankful to know you.

For info, I'm not emotional or anyth.
Just has alr make up my mind btw us.
I see no hatred and no more 'don't bear to let go' in myself and from your eyes.
I admit I wasn't a strong person, because I am also afraid of loneliness.
And I know regretting is not gg to be the solution, so from the start when we have steer clear from each other I have no regrets.
And I will make sure I myself will stop thinking of you and I will control my mind from rewinding the sweet happy flashback we used to have, in order to get rid of the word 'regret' from my dictionary. I always know I am not a good friend to you two... Sorry for letting you feel hurt without me noticing at all. So we have come out with a very good outcome, which is to let go and stop interfer with each other life.
I am contented with what I have now and I am not a greedy person who ask for more.
Also not pushing any blames on whosoever because aft this incident we are all grown up and mature teenagers. Let beyond go beyond. Let our past be the history. Cheers!

Both of you are like the pencil ink written on a paper and with a gently rub off by the eraser it dissappear. This shows that how fraglie our friendship are. Smile! :)

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