Sunday, November 22, 2009

I no longer want a F&B job. F&B suck hardcore!!!! Zz.

I will be busy for the whole day today. From morning to night.
It sucks when I have to wake up in the morning. Cze I no longer use to wake up in the morning anymore. Haha, lol :)
Just now early in the big morning, went to LJS to work. Completed only 12 surveys. How cool -.- James treat us eat LJS de breakfast!!! :D Talking to him was fun! Lmao!
Now in the library using comp. Killing time and surfing the net.
Waiting for afternoon to come, and than gg down to Dhoby Ghaut ltr to collect pay $$!
Evening, gg down woodland for an interview :D (Hope it's a successful one!!!)
At night, gg down choa chu kang sell ice cream. With meiyan, her bf and cai lin :D !!
Though will be busy the whole day. But somehow contented eh :)
TMD, ytsd went down 7-eleven want to buy ice blast. NB. left no more @_@ bought ice mint instead. But still cooling ah. Btr than nth. Lol. Somehow got a feeling that ltr interview is a successful one. Yeah, promotor job here I come! :D Ciaosssss ppl !

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