Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is an awesome day! <3
Simple things just make your day :)
2 japanese guest took photos with me before they left!
I was so suprise because when they ask me to help them take photo,
I thought it was to help the whole family to take photo at the hotel.
So when I reach my hand to the camera, they guy shake his head and say no no.
And he point to me and his sister and say together.
And then I Ohhhh...
What he meant was to take photos together is me and her sister and him himself!
So photos taken they thank me (Arigato)
And I bid goodbye to them (Sayonara)

It was really great to interact with people whom you simply don't know.
As it shows that people are being friendly with each other when they are from different country, different culture and etc...
This are the strangers that pass by me and maybe it will be the last time seeing each other. Who knows!
But an awesome memories with the strangers!
I mean strangers yea! :)
I hope when they look at our photos it will reminds them of me! :D

Sweet awesome japanese people!
Kawaii-nai :D

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