Saturday, November 27, 2010

Club Club CLUB!
Club My ASS!
Kinda sad I didn't went..
Cos my friends are there!
Not vally hiong club also. Haha :}

Anyway there is this BITCH banned from Powerhouse!
Woo! I scream like mad when Im in the cab with friends.
We all scream together! Like.. Mad. Haha..!
Taxi drivers will find them irritating if people make loud noise inside their cabby..
But NO! The uncle cheers together with us too!
Haha, like cool uh :D
Thanks uncle, Lol!
Why? Because that bitch who is banned from Powerhouse
She is:

Well done bouncer! :D
A loud cheers for you from me & my friends!

Yes Yes YES.
This is GREAT!
Next time when I go there, no need scared see MONSTER liao!
Lol, haha. A make-up monster somemore :x
People scared ^_^

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